LCRA Water Management Plan – Update

The Lower Colorado River Authority is currently updating its 2015 Water Management Plan, which governs its operation of the river – including how the Highland Lakes water supply is provided to users throughout the lower Colorado River basin.

Here is the timeline for the updating process:

  • May 21 – First participant meeting
  • July 12 – Second participant meeting
  • Aug. 10 – Third participant meeting
  • Sept. 6 – Fourth participant meeting
  • October/November – Present draft WMP to LCRA Board
  • December – Request LCRA Board approval
  • Early 2019 – Submit to TCEQ

Under the current Plan, LCRA can curtail interruptible water as a drought worsens – based on these conditions:

  • No “open supply”
  • Two evaluation dates for interruptible stored water – March 1 and July 1
  • Three water supply conditions: Normal, Less Severe Drought, Extraordinary Drought – based on storage and prior three months of inflows
  • Look-ahead tests