Inland Recycling Indicted

Inland Recycling, the oil and gas recycler accused of contaminating a Colorado River tributary in 2019, and its president were indicted by a Travis County grand jury on Jan. 25, 2022, for allegedly discharging wastewater into Skull Creek, according to the Travis County District Attorney’s office.

Inland Recycling holds the state permit originally issued to Inland Environmental.

The Coalition’s position on the issue is here.

The view from Longhorn Dam shows how water management decisions in the Lower Colorado River Basin determine who has water in a drought and who does not–a story of the haves and have nots.

From the dam, the view upstream is one of abundance—lush parks, green lawns, rising skyscrapers and a recreational lake filled to the brim.

Turn and look downstream and the view is different. A small stream of water flows slowly, dry patches dot the riverbed and algae thrives throughout. Wastewater sometimes provides the bulk of flows downstream.

Water releases for downstream agriculture, communities, industry and the environment are the lifeblood of the lower river basin. Without those flows, livelihoods from Travis County to Matagorda Bay are in jeopardy.

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