Stand with us to say:

“Do not shut off the Colorado River downstream of Longhorn Dam in Austin.”

The Coalition believes that residents in the entire Colorado River basin must unite to achieve fair and balanced river management for all parties under all conditions, including drought and flood. To achieve that balance, sacrifice must be shared from the Highland Lakes to Matagorda Bay.

We provide a forum for organizations, businesses, communities as well as agricultural, recreational, environmental and other interests that depend on the river to unify our voices and use our strength to keep water flowing down the river to Matagorda Bay.

We aim to promote discussion of political, legislative, agency and regulatory issues of importance to the future of the Lower Basin. While the LCRBC does not take positions on legislative or political issues, our member organizations and associates are actively involved in the resolution of these matters for the betterment of the Basin.

Join us to keep water flowing downstream!