Sunset Review of LCRA

State Sunset Review of LCRA

The Texas Sunset Advisory Commission has invited public comment about LCRA’s mission and performance as part of a periodic review by the State Legislature under the Texas Sunset Act.

The Act authorizes the Sunset Commission, comprised of legislators and public members, to review state agencies to determine whether they are fulfilling their functions and how they might operate better.  The Lower Colorado River Authority is not subject to abolishment under the Sunset Act and its review will exclude electric generation and transmission operations.

Here is the timeline for the Sunset Review of LCRA:

  • October – Sunset Commission Staff issues its report, which is based on research, the LCRA’s Self-Evaluation and public input
  • Dec. 12 – 13 (tentative) – Sunset Commission conducts a public hearing to take testimony on the Staff Report on LCRA
  • Jan. 9, 2019 (tentative) – Sunset Commission meets to vote on recommendations to the full Legislature
  • Jan. 8 – May 27, 2019 – Legislature meets and decides whether any changes are needed to LCRA to improve its performance